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In fact, the most difficult to do should be "something is short, no words are long"! So long will, are doing? I have also observed. A meeting, many participants. Encountered major events, it is even more like a revolving door, you Changba me on stage. If the speakers have something, it should be. However, it seems that there will not be enough communication before the meeting. There will be a lot of cross talk. Repeated speeches are really boring in the long wait. But in the eyes of the speakers, they may be repeating so as to attract everyone's attention. This is a different perspective, so there are different feelings? Appropriate repetition is possible, but the flood of repetition, in addition to people unhappy heart, does not seem to encourage people to do a better job. I think that, although there are words, but others have said, then do not have to repeat, this is "something is short". This "there is something short," we do subordinates is also like. The charm of a leader, not because of his words and more color, nor because his words less and pale, I think, if always at the right time that the right, then the leadership must be spectacular shine!
If we say "there is something short" is a kind of wisdom, then, "no words are long" is a kind of courage and play. A question, the people kept silent, or out of caution, or for the other, the "no words" moment, is the need for some loud voice to break the silence. If, a silence, from top to bottom, the problem is still a problem, can not help but disappointed. A person is not the heart of the dignity of his dignity, sometimes, just a moment, he can silence the moment to issue their own voice, honest, sincere, such a "voice" longer, we are happy of. This is temporary as "no longer" it!
In fact, if long-distance short, not contradictory, long long, short is short, always according to need to be. As long as consistent with the principle of streamlining and efficient, long, or short, are convincing people thing. So, the other thing is it? If long-distance short, is an efficient way of acting, the wise man is the appropriate silence, the brave dare to play!

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